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I am a Jamaican-born painter, artist, and photographer living in Washington DC.

I enjoy studies of theory, design, and unconventional execution in visual art. My current works focus on unique qualities of new materials when paired with light, sound, and motion. I focus on the simplicity of the form, wherein function is merely implied with skillful use of concealed technology.

I began to formally study art at the age of twelve, and have studied at the University of Maryland and The Corcoran College of Art.



  • Theorema – the idea that a certain set of aesthetic values and ideas can be given form and used as the basis of further ideas.
  • Schema – a recurring (or recursive) set of plans or structures,  employed to create ever more complex and intriguing creations.
  • Experimentum – the earnest and reckless attempt to produce an artistic (and often anomalous) result using unproven ideas.

Solo Exhibitions:

2010 “Paintings Retrospective”, Cafe Nema, Washington DC
2005 “Stress Relief”, Blue Room, Washington, DC
2005 “Desire and Tension”, Skewers Luna, Washington, DC

Group Exhibitions:

2012 CE Exhibition, Corcoran’s Gallery 31, Washington, DC
2009 Artomatic 10th Anniversary, Washington, DC
2008 “Erotica 2008”, MOCA DC/ A+M, Washington, DC
2007 “Erotica 2007”, MOCA DC/ A+M, Washington, DC
2006 “Heads or Tails 2006”, MOCA DC/ A+M, Washington, DC
2006 “Erotica 2006”, MOCA DC/ A+M, Washington, DC
2005 “Heads or Tails 2005”, MOCA DC/ A+M, Washington, DC
2005 “Artrotica: a celebration of sensual and erotic art”, Washington, DC
2004 Artomatic, Washington, DC
2003 Art On The Side 2nd Anniv, Bossa, Washington, DC
2003 Art On The Side, Bossa, Washington, DC


1/2008 ‘Fray vol. 1: Busted! True Stories of Getting Caught in the Act’
2/2007 ‘Aphrodisia II: Art of the Female Form’ Aristata Publishing (isbn:978-0975491232 / 0975491237)

Website Publications:

7/2003 Fray.com


Josef Albers, André Breton, Albert Camus, Blaise Cendrars, Paul van Dyk, {fray}, Futurism, Frantisek Kupka, Mike Ladd, Edwin H. Land, Legos, Bob Marley, Roots Manuva, Maxis, Marshal McLuhan, David Mitchell, Jean-Paul Sartre, Natsume Soseki, Kurt Vonnegut, Saul Williams

Vincent Farquharson

Vincent Farquharson