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I am a Jamaican-born painter, artist, and photographer living in Washington DC.

My works are studies of theory, design, and unconventional execution in visual art. My upcoming works will focus on the unique qualities of new materials, wherein function is merely implied with skillful use of related colours and forms. My photographs, sculpture, and digital works are focused mainly on the creative process, as opposed to the final product.

I began to formally study art at the age of twelve, and have studied at the University of Maryland and The Corcoran College of Art.


  • Theorema – the idea that a certain set of aesthetic values and ideas can be given form and used as the basis of further ideas.
  • Schema – a recurring (or recursive) set of plans or structures,  employed to create ever more complex and intriguing creations.
  • Experimentum – the earnest and reckless attempt to produce an artistic (and often anomalous) result using unproven ideas.

Solo Exhibitions:

2010 “Paintings Retrospective”, Cafe Nema, Washington DC
2005 “Stress Relief”, Blue Room, Washington, DC
2005 “Desire and Tension”, Skewers Luna, Washington, DC

Group Exhibitions:

2012 CE Exhibition, Corcoran’s Gallery 31, Washington, DC
2009 Artomatic 10th Anniversary, Washington, DC
2008 “Erotica 2008”, MOCA DC/ A+M, Washington, DC
2007 “Erotica 2007”, MOCA DC/ A+M, Washington, DC
2006 “Heads or Tails 2006”, MOCA DC/ A+M, Washington, DC
2006 “Erotica 2006”, MOCA DC/ A+M, Washington, DC
2005 “Heads or Tails 2005”, MOCA DC/ A+M, Washington, DC
2005 “Artrotica: a celebration of sensual and erotic art”, Washington, DC
2004 Artomatic, Washington, DC
2003 Art On The Side 2nd Anniv, Bossa, Washington, DC
2003 Art On The Side, Bossa, Washington, DC


1/2008 ‘Fray vol. 1: Busted! True Stories of Getting Caught in the Act’
2/2007 ‘Aphrodisia II: Art of the Female Form’ Aristata Publishing (isbn:978-0975491232 / 0975491237)

Website Publications:

7/2003 Fray.com


Josef Albers, André Breton, Albert Camus, Blaise Cendrars, Paul van Dyk, {fray}, Futurism, Frantisek Kupka, Mike Ladd, Edwin H. Land, Legos, Bob Marley, Roots Manuva, Maxis, Marshal McLuhan, David Mitchell, Jean-Paul Sartre, Natsume Soseki, Kurt Vonnegut, Saul Williams

Vincent Farquharson

Vincent Farquharson